#VillageEd Parenting Twitter Chats


#VillageEd reflects the need for open conversations about the joys and struggles of progressive parenting. I want anybody interested in learning about a more authoritative approach to parenting to check it out. There are so many ways to support our children, and sometimes we need to talk to other parents like us.

I chose #VillageEd has the hashtag because so many of us believe that it takes more than one set of parents to raise amazing human beings. It really is a group effort, and I wanted the hashtag to reflect that. One aim of the monthly chats is to provide parents with an opportunity to share what’s working for them. It’s a chance to rejoice in parenting successes with others who understand the struggle of parenting outside of the “norm.”

Each month, my chats will focus on a different parenting topic. Some months will include moderators outside of myself, but the constant for #VillageEd will be an open space to celebrate, question, and encourage.

mother and child hugging, #villageed
Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

Celebrate with #VillageEd

Did your child have a major breakthrough on something they have been working on? Add it to #VillageEd so that I can celebrate with you. Did you make a change or begin a new thing that you have wanted to do for months? Add it to #VillageEd. Whatever it is that you want to celebrate as it relates to parenting, I want to hear about it.

Question with #VillageEd

Children do not come with a manual, and we are not going to know everything. Use the #VillageEd space to ask other parents about concepts or situations that you are facing. Much like other online forums, I want you to gather feedback. There is such a wealth of knowledge on Twitter, and I hope that we will be able to create a small place to share ours.

Encourage with #VillageEd

Parenting is tough, and sometimes it’s lonely. When you need that extra support, be sure to reach out. Let me (and others) encourage you and if needed, share some personal insights with you. Sometimes people just need to know they are not alone.

I hope you consider contributing your knowledge to #VillageEd. Whether it’s through articles or anecdotes, I welcome your participation.

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