Life Strategy Consulting

Maximize your time and advance professionally and personally.

Instructional Coaching

Activate new instructional skills with the help of an accomplished mentor.

Curriculum Outlining

Learn to create highly effective and strategic instructional plans.

Instructional Interventions

Diagnose and remedy students’ needs with fidelity.

School Selection Guidance

Explore your options and weigh the benefits and risks of local schools.

Speaking Engagements

Listen and connect over relevant topics in K-12 education.


From life strategy consulting, education consulting, school selection guidance, and instructional support, I help partners assess their options and develop a strategic course of action to achieve their desired results.

transforming Education

“Some of my most amazing memories are related to watching students transform themselves through a dedication to personal growth. They remembered where they started and rejoiced in all of their progress. For me, it’s like an addiction. Seeing who these children become is why I continue to do what I do every day. It’s a constant blessing.”

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