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I’ve been flipping through the rolodex of ideas in my brain trying to identify key areas on which I should focus in order to be the biggest help for parents. I mean, let’s face it – the knowledge that we are primarily responsible for our child(ren)’s learning for the first several years of life can cause a short anxiety attack. Couple that with so many parents being pretty far removed from their own formal education experiences, and we can easily get wobbly in the knees from the sheer pressure.

Google is great, but it doesn’t exactly come with the websites and resources already annotated and reviewed for relevance. There are online programs and apps, but for parents who don’t want to rely on electronic devices to educate their preschoolers and elementary-aged children, those aren’t preferences. On top of these, there are parents who would prefer a more secular approach to instruction than most homeschool curricula offers.

If I had to rank the areas parents ask me about most, they would be:

  1. Summer reading
  2. Instructional support (math and reading)
  3. Phonetic awareness (teaching letters to young ones)
  4. Homeschool lessons

I know the need is greater than those four areas, but I believe a needs assessment would be most appropriate. Click here to take the 5-10 minute survey.

Investing in our students means investing in their parents. Often times parents can be the focus of critique when it comes to their children’s educational experiences, but I think providing more parent-friendly resources in one location consistently can help strengthen the relationship between parents and schools as well as positively benefit the students.

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