About Me

About DR. CHAe

An education advocate on a mission towards excellence.

Education was a game changer for me. I could’ve easily become a statistic, but my mother instilled a sense of urgency in me early on. I remember caring quite a bit about how well I read, what my math skills were like, and how I connected to or analyzed literature.

I’m sure a few of my peers would’ve called me a “teacher’s pet” because I truly did connect with educators as a student. No, I never tattled or anything, but it was obvious that the vast majority of my teachers genuinely cared for me. As cliche as it sounds, they saw so much in me even before I knew what to look for in myself.

My educational experiences impacted me deeply. I took pride in demonstrating my own mastery in concepts I was learning, and even when it got rough, there were people around who noticed and offered the life vests, so to speak.

As a result of my K-12 educational experiences–all public schools–I did not face many academic struggles in college. Instead, I was able to focus on exploring who I would become in adulthood. I had the chance, the freedom, to examine my code of ethics and build myself into the woman I am today.

As an adult educator now, I find an irreplaceable joy in being part of other children’s journey towards knowledge and development, and if I can inspire their parents and other adults along the way, then I’ll have an endless supply of happiness. Sounds selfish, huh? 🙂 Maybe I am…just a little.